Track of the week... The Away Days - Sleep Well

What a start to the week you're all about to have, we have got the latest track from The Away Days - somewhat of a office favourite here at It's All Indie. So the new cut from the Istanbul band is one of their anthematic songs yet, it's got a distinctive atmospheric noise about it, drawing comparisons to Savages vocals, the drumming from The Vaccines and the darkness of The Horrors last album.

The song keeps on building and building as it progresses, with the distorted vocals driving it forwards this song starts to become one of those classic Indie dance-rock numbers. The final third is a set-up from the band, higher guitar notes and even airier vocals it ends with a massive wash of guitar noise.

This track just sums up this band, just perfect! We've been told there's lots more to come from this band, and we can't fucking wait! Oh, yeah and it's free to download too!

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