Track of the week... Heavy Waves - Fool For You

It's been a while since Heavy Waves has released anything, but today (27th October) the band uploaded their returning track, "Fool For You". It's a song laced with guitar fuzz and with a tasty flavour of lo-fi sounds, similar to that of Yuck's early demos. Having played with the likes of Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws, the band can be considered as one of the last B-Town bands yet to break. But with a strong track such as this, there might be a possibility of something!

The band are definitely a hard-working bunch, since releasing "Edward" back in April 2013 and before that in 2012 a demo, they're so far pitching in at one song a year, but we can't wait to hear more from them. I do remember the band having a certain Surf-Pop sound to them, but it's not much a departure to Fuzz from there!

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