5 Nov 2014


If you wanna praise a band who sounds excactly like Queens Of The Stone Age but without that prick  Homme, you gonna find the way to listen to Rebel Squad. The opening track holds on a dancy middlepart within some classic standart riffs. Nothing special, but sometimes you don’t search fort he special moment, you just want to listen easely and chilled. The mild taste of the following tracks „Sea“ and „Wasteland“ are super-choired pieces on where you can find some melancholy. Technically it isn’t a fully wasted album but it has it’s pieces on where your ears might get bored and numb of it. 

If the band gets the chance to work with another producer on where he hopefully puts some more dimension and pronounciationfocus, they surely can hit the other 30% I’m missing on it’s rather Heavy Rock Alternative cloud on where they’re hovering. It seems to me the band has so much punch to proceed, but they still hit the wall. Now the last piece „Turning them into the right direction“ is missing, I’m sure they will find the last puzzlepieces to get more reflection. You will get better by time not by 1000 tries. That’s what John Lennon said. If not, I still don’t care, as I’m a free person. Like Rebel Squad – Dear RS: Show what you got. I know there is more.

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