Bonnie "Prince" Billy unveils poignant video for "New Black Rich (Tusks)"

Indie singer-songwriter Will Oldham is a man of many aliases. Aliasii? Alias's? Anyway... Oldham, currently recording as Bonnie "Prince" Billy, quietly released an 11-track album, Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues on Sept 23, via Drag City & Domino Records.

As BPB, Oldham's music has a DIY-aesthetic, which draws from rock, folk, punk, bluegrass, Americana and traditional country (think Hank Williams Jr meets NOFX plus the entire soundtrack from O Brother, Where Art Thou?) not unlike the musical genius of the late, great Jason Molina.

The first music video from this most recent installment accompanies the song "New Black Rich (Tusks)" and much like the 2012 single, "I See a Darkness" it features a heavily-whiskered Oldham, dancing through town. Check it out here via YouTube.

Night Noises
So Far And Here We Are
There Will Be Spring
Quail And Dumplings
We Are Unhappy
It's Time To Be Clear
Old Match
New Black Rich (Tusks)
Sailor's Grave A Sea Of Sheep