Demob Happy Release New Music Video

To support the incredible single, Succubus, Demob Happy have now revealed a music video you're going to want to see.

The video serves as a basic but trippy experience, putting emphasis on the music and the intensity of their single. Matt Marcantonio, of the band, explained their decision on why they wanted the visual side of things to be this way. He said “When we recorded succubus we were out in this weird isolated cottage in the middle of nowhere in Wales where we set up a studio, basking in the only available dingy red ceiling light, so for us it evoked this dark late night that we spent recording the song.”

Succubus is available via Milk Parlour Records - their own label. It's available to buy digitally and through limited edition 7" vinyl, which will be available in December.

In a recent announcement, Demob Happy have been booked to support Girl Band at the Old Blue Last, London for DIY's series of Hello 2015 gigs. Their show will take place on January 27th with entry being free.