Introducing... The Curious Incident

As a music enthusiast you get those days where you're fed up of repetitive drones of the latest Arctic Monkeys record and snap into a frenzy of surfing the internet for a rare and unknown species.

The mystery and intrigue of these excursions often ends in hitting a dead end of bland bands and tasteless tracks. That's what I found until I came across 'The Curious Incident' a couple of years back. The London band made me realise that with persistence, there's always something 'different' out there and have since encouraged me that they're not the only hidden gems amongst the noise.

Initially, they are exactly as their name labels them; a curious, intriguing concoction, simply put by them as, 'pop/rock with a Caribbean Twist that tastes like Jerk Chicken and Lemonade'. It's hard to disagree; their description of themselves is as outlandish as their appearance, not dissimilar of 90s children's TV stars 'The Wiggles'.

Their music is just as scatty, danceable and every bit as enjoyable as they make it out to be too. Amongst the craze there are influences of Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys and when they opt for a more bluesy sound in, 'Might As Well Swim', it verges on early Red Hot Chili Peppers woozy vibes. Elsewhere though, 'Money', could gain the band a serious fortune if it hits a big festival stage with its infectious Crystal Fighters type rhythms and upbeat Latin-American jingles.

You can listen to 'Money' below and if you're curious, you can find it as the lead track on their upcoming EP 'Penny Lonesome' which will be out in January.

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By Josh Shreeve