6 Nov 2014

Introducing... Hot Mess

Hot Mess are a brand new Luton-based band and after putting their first two demos out this week, they're clearly not fucking about.

Prescription and Running From Normal are both available to hear on their Soundcloud (and at the bottom of this post). It's not the fact they have two demos out in a week, it is the fact they can bring influences from so many different bands and incorporate them in to these tracks.

 Prescription offers strikingly successful similarities to The Smiths and The Stone Roses in particular, but puts a big fat Hot Mess print on it. Lead singer, Ben Thomson, sings with passion and fire. 'What would I know?' he sings and it seems the answer is how to create a good first impression with music. It doesn't show a fixation on how to make a good song, it shows the ability to know when something is right. The guitars in this stand-out like David Cameron at a Labour party conference. They lead the song in to something quite triumphant as they echo around the vocals and form a supportive layer behind. 

Running From Normal? You've got more of The Stone Roses vibes and a heavy Joy Division guitar backing, plus another anthem on your hands. It's almost as if the band are inviting people to throw big opportunities at them and there's no doubt it's going to happen. 

If these are just the first two demos, is anyone prepared for future material?

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