Jawbreaker premiers 'found' video for "Boxcar" 20-years-later (and I'm in punk-rock heaven)

On Monday, the Official YouTube for '90s American punk-rock heavyweights Jawbreaker, uploaded a video along with this brief message:

In 2013, I found an unprocessed Super 8 film cartridge of footage I shot in 1992. I had no idea what it was. This is it.

To the absolute delight of my little punk-rock heart, it was the video for "Boxcar," the song for which I, along with most disenfranchised, individuality-obsessed youth in the 90s, had adopted as my very own personal anthem. From the album 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, "Boxcar" was released in 1994, and begins with vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach imitating the taunting of judgmental punk-purists: "You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone," to which he, and all of the kids (like me) who were too-cool-for-labels replied, "Save your breath, I never was one."

I'm not saying I was ever as cool as the guys in Jawbreaker, but I mean, I totally have the same Reese's pieces t-shirt that Adam Pfahler is wearing in that photo up there. And I still only wear Chuck Taylor's.

Despite a 20-year delay, the video's overdue release doesn't come as too much of a surprise, since the band just released a 20th Anniversary Edition of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy via Pfahler's own indie label Blackball Records. The reissue features four alternate versions of previous songs, and two outtakes. You can purchase the album from Music Direct here. 

The "found" footage was shot in SoCal's Mission District and can be seen right here via YouTube. It'll have you shouting at all of your friends:
One, two, three, four. Who's punk, what's the score?

Watch / [YOUTUBE]

24 Hour Revenge Therapy reissue tracklist:
1.  The Boat Dreams From The Hill
2.  Indictment
3.  Boxcar
4.  Out Patient
5.  Ashtray Monument
6.  Condition Oakland
7.  Ache
8.  Do You Still Hate Me?
9.  West Bay Invitational
10. Jinx Removing
11. In Sadding Around
12. The Boat Dreams From The Hill (alt)
13. Boxcar (alt)
14. Do You Still Hate Me? (alt)
15. Jinx Removing (alt)
16. First Step (outtake)
17. Friends Back East (outtake)