5 Nov 2014

New song from Jib Kidder's upcoming album will make you wonder why the hell you haven't heard of Jib Kidder

I'm gonna level with you. When it comes to music, I'm not exactly well-versed in the kind art of constructive criticism. To me, pisspoor audiotracks are roadblocks on the path to the real treasure. The hidden-gems of undiscovered musical-genius which I relentlessly pursue.

Sean Schuster-Craig, AKA Jib Kidder, is one of those gems.

"No genre, no hometown, hard 2 pin down since Y2K."

His latest album, Teaspoon to the Ocean, will be released via Weird World on January 26, 2015. The 11-track, genre-defying work of art is proof that, while the obscurity of Jib Kidder is obscene, it's also finally coming to an end.

After first listening to the newly released track 'Dozens' I was confused. Immediately I hit replay.
You know that inner struggle between awe and disbelief when you think you might've just seen a shooting star? And how if no one's around to corroborate you'll start second-guessing? 

Like, you know your vision is basically 20/5000, and it was probably an ash from your cigarette anyway. So I played the song again. And then again. And again. Because... it's really just that good.

He's a multi-talented artist of many mediums, and his sound has that je' ne sais quoi that reminds listeners of the often forgotten eternal verity; music IS art. Check out 'Dozens' below, and see for yourself.

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Teaspoon to the Ocean Tracklist:
1. Remove A Tooth
2. In Between
3. Appetites
4. The Waves
5. Situations In Love
6. World Of Machines
7. Dozens
8. The Many
9. Illustration
10. Melt Me
11. Wild Wind