Single Review...AZTECS - Black + White

It's amazing how quickly six months can just pass you by, I first posted about indie pop duo Aztecs back in the middle of May. Now I find myself here mid November, in a darkened room, wind and rain pounding against my window with only the gloom of my Mac illuminating the path where my fingers should type, writing about their next prismatic musical installment 'Black + White'.

"Prismatic - (of colours) formed, separated, or distributed by or as if by an optical prism", "A flash of prismatic light on the edge of the glass"

The above is definitely a fitting definition to this vibrant 80's inspired indie-synth-pop belter, I'm not usually one for pinning a label on a bands identity or sound but prismatic pop certainly has a ring to it...right?

It was always going to be a challenge when following up to their debut single 'Bad Blood'. Having already stamped down their identity with a catchy synth based pop foundation, this coupled with an ever growing buoyant fan base it was never going to be easy for the Ashbourne based duo. 

I am pleased to say 'Black + White' doesn't disappoint in the slightest. It retains the bands identity but packs a punch with bright and colourful lyrics, emphasising their flair and passion for songwriting which is more apparent than ever before. Add this track to their back catalogue and already you can see the makings of an exciting set list as they hit the road. 

On the 9th of December Aztecs will embark on a nationwide run of shows starting at London's Buffalo Bar, If you are in the area I suggest you get yourself along, it promises to be an evening of electrifying live music! 

*All ticket information and gig details can be found on the bands Facebook page (below).

'Black + White' is FREE to DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud now!

'Black + White' 
Out of 10: 8/10

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