Track of the week... Garden City Movement - Pont des Arts

Earlier this year we responded to an email inviting us down to an 'industry-invite-only' show, and this band were last on the bill. I tried to listen to all of the bands before popping down, but I forgot to do one, this band. When they finally took to the stage they instantly wowed my with their vast array of pedals giving them the most anthematic, atmospheric and gorgeous guitar sounds I've heard in a long-while, and I still stand by that! I loved their performance I even caught them play in a small stage at Galstonbury, which was one of the most exciting acts I saw that weekend.

Last week we saw the Tel-Aviv band's brand new track "Pont des Arts" finally get a online airing, after only being played through live shows fans were essentially demanding to hear it over and over again. The song is a great one to get into the band with, combine slick on-stage production, ethereal vocals layered and layered upon each other, guitars draped in lashes of reverb and delay, and finally topped off with some infectiously catchy lyrics. If you're ever wanting a track to simple chill out to, then stick this one on!

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