17 Nov 2014

Track of the week... Moats - Brace

I'm back from my holiday, and what awaited in my inbox this morning was something rather spectacular, it's only a brand new song from Moats!! If you've been keeping up with the band as of late you might know that they played on the main stage of Austin City Limits in America, chosen via NME no less, and it seems this has given the band a whole lot of energy and has really spurred them onto new heights!

"Brace" is the finished product from what happened to the "Heavy Band Practice Thing Jam" that the band uploaded for a bit earlier on in the year. We knew it had potential, but this is something else! They've gone from a band that wrote very radio friendly Indie-Pop to a band that's really starting to find their sound in a more grungier corner of rock'n'roll. "Brace" is set to blow the socks off your feet, just hit play (over and over and over again) and tell me I'm right!

If you want to download the track, click on the link below!

Free Mp3 / Moats - Brace
Live / Moats @ HiFi Club, Leeds, 21st November 2014