EP Review... As Elephants Are - Crown

As Elephants Are have continued to flesh out their sound since their 'Hand Prints EP', released earlier this year. The bands debut EP could've easily been mistaken for a short collection of their 'best of' hits in a latter career move. Thankfully, what the 'Crown EP' brings is very much the same; another jewel in the metaphorical crown of the heirs to the indie throne.

'Crown' quite rightfully is the sister piece to previously released track, 'Hand Prints' with its naturally uplifting melodies. An evolution has happened behind the mic though, with Ben Stratford's vocals sounding more prominent and brimming with confidence. The sprightly tune is almost instantly juxtaposed though by 'Breathe', which sets off all kinds of haunting alarm bells in a more menacing tone, lending its hand to more serious matters. Lyrics, "Wide awake inside my head, open my eyes and there's nothing left", leaves a disturbing hallucination imprinted by Stratford and co's paranoia.

This is nothing in comparison though to, 'War Cry', which rounds of the EP, despite being the bands first song that drew us towards them. The re-recorded version has been fine tuned to send shivers down the spine with its euphoric and echoey climax to a short but memorable three track record. The only worry for fans now would be them wondering how much of the boys ingenuity will be spared for a debut album.

As Elephants Are - Crown
Out of 10: 8/10

By Josh Shreeve

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