EP Review... Coquin Migale - F E E L EP

Coquin Migale are a fairly unknown entity and seem keen to keep it that way with a mysterious yet gripping second EP, that fuses together ends of the musical scale, piece by piece.

The Newcastle quartet seem to thrive off their ability to inter-weave in and out of varying melodies. One minute they're not far off the tight, picky riffs of Foals in 'Gold' and 'Socotra', then the next they verge a nose dive towards the depths of heavy metal. The reverb of the electric guitar is the one constant, which strikes a strong chord throughout the EP, taking minimal breaks in 'Interlude' for a bombardment of hefty drums.

'Gold' throws back similarities to previously released track, 'Icarus', in the way it could integrate three different songs into one. However, 'Paris' is as strange as Coquin Migale go, toying with various speeds and rhythms throughout which could be mistaken for being chaotic. Starting with ghostly vocals and ending with a gentle jam, its brief but erratic guitar shred in the middle sounds like an early Bloc Party and The Editors gathering as they bond over speed.

For all the different influences etched into the EP, final track 'Socotra', brings another into the frame with the rowdy indie-rock chorus fitting in nicely with the more raucous sounds from B-Town bands, Jaws and Peace. The climax of the EP ends in a way that the band have become accustomed to; with a heavy whirlwind of riffs. If there's one thing to be said about Coquin Migale, it would be that it's hard to put your finger on exactly what they're all about. Whatever it is though ought to be burrowing through the obscurities and turning heads their way.

Coquin Migale - F E E L
Out of 10: 7/10

By Josh Shreeve

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