Imagine Dragons have fans piece together details of upcoming album

On Friday, Imagine Dragons posted to Twitter:

people of the U.S. - look around your city for some surprises tonight... BBB and Fremont in Vegas. what about your city? #smokeandmirrors

At the same time, at least 13 individual puzzle pieces of the cover art were sent to various fans.

The official fan club posted the pieced-together artwork, and confirmed Smoke and Mirrors (stylized Smoke + Mirrors) to be the title. They also revealed February 17 will be the album's release date.

Across the US, fans began uploading pictures of the promos they had found, which included the hashtag #smokeandmirrors, and one of the following presumed track titles; "Summer", "Shots", "Polaroid", "I'm So Sorry" or "Gold,"

On BBB and Fremont in Las Vegas, the band projected five images onto a brick wall, each containing the title to one of the five revealed songs. 

To coincide with the announcement of Smoke + Mirrors, the band released the video for "I Bet My Life" the lead single from the album. Watch via Youtube, below.