Only Real announces début album "Jerk At The End Of The Line"

Only Real is the musical vehicle of Londoner Niall Galvin. The recording of 'Jerk At The End Of The Line' was a year in the making and produced by Dan Carey (Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand) in London and Ben Allen (Washed Out, Deerhunter) in Atlanta. It showcases Only Real's unique mixing of styles, where shimmering guitars create sun-kissed pop and are delivered on top of dance and hip hop grooves for a psychedelic world of light and dark. The tracks highlight Only Real's sideways take on songwriting and inventive, often absurd, lyrics. It includes established favourites such as Cadillac Girl and Backseat Kissers as well as nine brand new tracks.

"Jerk At The End Of The Line" will be released March 30th on Virgin EMI

  1. Intro (Twist It Up)
  2. Jerk
  3. Yesterdays
  4. Break It Off
  5. Can’t Get Happy
  6. Blood Carpet
  7. Petals
  8. Cadillac Girl
  9. Daisychained
  10. Pass The Pain
  11. Backseat Kissers
  12. When This Begins