10 Dec 2014

Sounds of 2015 - #12 - Racing Glaciers

Racing Glaciers are one of those bands that's been through thick and thin, and are still going. After releasing a fresh EP earlier on this year - "Ahead of You Forever" and "Don't Wait For Me" - they've been steadily picking up speed like a snowball gathering pace heading downhill. Their year arguably culminated with their song "VHS" doing really well in the HypeM charts as well as a whole lot of radio play and blog lovin'.

They've been riding off the back of a wave of optimism and also even being included on the latest Transformers OST the band from Macclesfield have it all going for them right about now! "Animal" has some real emotion buried beneath the soaring post-rock riffs and melodies, listen to this and tell me they're destined for big things! With an album's worth of material out there already to listen to I can see them penning more and more songs and getting into the studio next year, expect something big!

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Racing Glaciers - First Light (Backstroke. Remix) 

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