Sounds of 2015 - #15 - Only Real

His songs are a confusing and topsy-turvy daydream of his everyday life and his clothing are as colourful as his lyrics; at number 15, it's Only Real.

Only Real, who's real name is Niall Galvin, has been bubbling beneath the surface over the past couple of years with his 2013 EP 'Days In The City', falling quietly under the radar, despite it's simplistic, raw qualities. Now, the West London rapper has finally burst into life and is starting to get well deserved recognition. Recognition similar to King Krule, whose moody, wish-washy drones are almost too familiar on 'Cadillac Girl'. 

Big hitter, 'Pass The Pain', is Only Real stumbling through a land of giant marshmallow flumps on an overdose of jelly babies. Latest track, 'Yesterdays', follows suit with quick-wit vocals reminiscent of the early Jamie T era, only reinforced by the fuzzy samples tossed into the equation.

2015; wait for the fuse to be lit and Only Real will be off, reinforcing all you thought was lost in talentless boys who play guitars.

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