Sounds of 2015 - #5 - Port Isla

Where do we start with this band? Well we've been eagerly following the band from their early days  when a new song came out every month or so, but recently they've had an uprising of songs come out. Mainly due to their massive deal they signed with Parlophone earlier on in 2014. The band are no strangers to high pressure situations, with playing Glastonbury two years on the roll, getting to the final of the Glastonbury Emerging Talents competition in 2013 and playing their home festival Latitude multiple times too.

Through this they've got a small but hard-core fanbase behind them, and especially considering that their sound at first was quite niche, they've found their sound and they're sticking with it. With the release of their EPs - "Steamroller" and "In The Long Run" - it's given their fans an insight of what they might expect on their highly anticipated d├ębut album. Now this is what happens when you try hard at what you do, this IS proof that it can be done, just simply flick through the site and see that we've been telling you to listen to them for years.

With their deal at Parlophone and some great support tours finished last year, 2015 is literally in their hands, and I for one will be pleased to see them rule the airwaves in the coming months!

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