Foals to record new album near home

Foals have said in a recent interview with NME that they'd like to record their fourth album nearer to home. Edwin has come out and said that they'd like to start laying down the album in early 2015.

He also said...
"There's definitely a desire in the band to go to ludicrous locations but we've done that a couple of times. Gothenburg in Sweden in winter was ludicrous in retrospect. We put ourselves in a ridiculously lonely situation."
There's already some speculation where nearby [to Oxford] the band would be able to record their new album, but while they were promoting "Holy Fire" the band released a series of 'CCTV' videos recorded at SafeHouse Studio.

Yannis has also come out and said...
"I also think it's good to be grounded after doing what we were doing last year. I wanted to go back somewhere safe and familiar."
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