Go Go Berlin or more "Go Home Stones" right?

Go Go Berlin or "Go Home Stones" right?
Go Go Berlin. A rock'n'roll band from Europe. A rock'n'roll band from europe which is trying by heart, to reach the Rock Olymp. But what does it take. What are the things you need to reach the top? Or at least to be on the best way. I talked to my personal "BAND OF THE YEAR 2014" Go Go Berlin's fabulous fringeboy Christian who was nicely interested to answer 5 Q's about what's happening right now because what's after releasing a hammer debut and a rad worldtour including india and china? Jesus christ in heaven, no one can stop them...

  • 2015 - The year AGAIN everything shall change in the Bandhistory? You went to new york for some reason. Any hints and hopes you've grown from this trip to the US?
The autumn trip to New York was kind of a follow up to our spring trip to Los Angeles. Basically a handful of record labels were crazy about us in LA, and in NY we invited all the big shots from the labels to come and see us. I won’t really bore you with any details, but as we’ve started working on the next album, it’s going to be f*cking exciting what the future will bring! We want to be patient, and wait for the best opportunity to come. I mean, the States is a serious music marked right!?

  • You've been on vacation. Is it a way to get inspiration and WHERE exactly have you been to?
Yeah, you know, in 2014 we had 120-130-something concerts. So it was time for the band to spend some time away from each other (though it felt SO weird), and spend some time with my girl. We took of 3 weeks to Thailand and The Philippines. You know, only power few hours a day – and that felt really healthy. I played a few local guitars, but that was it. And of course I listened a lot to our new demos at the beach. Thinking about production and so on… healthy! 

  • You took over denmark already, what's next up there, is it important to take over sweden, the "bigger" music industry?
It’s weird about the upper Europe really. We’re still waiting for our debut concert in Sweden, we were in England few years ago recording, but no shows yet. But maybe the summer festivals in 2015 will bring us there. We see Germany as an important country, the world’s 3’rd biggest music marked… and we’re neighbors… so you know. Really, we’re just building everything up straight away… We play rock’n roll, not pop music, so you have to do it the old school way I guess?! And we’re not gonna sit around waiting for the world to come knocking at our door.

  • You have one of the best musicbusiness team I've lately experianced. One for all and all for one? A reason why you came this far in such a short time?
You’re totally right about that one! It’s quite difficult to explain without sounding corny. It’s a family, a group of smart people, who only want to work with people who we can trust, and has the same goal and passion as we’ve got. Talent is one thing – heartbeat is another! Combine them, and I think you’ve got something special.

  • New music or gear you heard, got inspired by and tried out in the Studio where you're just recording Demotracks for your second banger album?
Well… I just bought an old jazzy guitar from 195-something, Arnold Hoyer. It immediately captured the ideas we have for the next album. I love to look at an old instrument like that, think about the history it’s got… How many hands that’s adored it, the songs that’s been written on it – and now it’s 2015, and I have new ideas to use it. Fascinating right?! As a recommendation: I talked to a dude in Germany, after the last show of 2014 actually. We shared music and alcohol, and he introduced me to King Tuff… I fucking love the song Eyes Of The Muse. Check it out!

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