Introducing... Real Lies

Debut single, 'World Peace' by London trio Real Lies could not sum up a bands sound more accurately. Straight from the kick off, the border of 80s and 90s pop synth is crossed to create a melody almost too close for comfort to New Order; it's spot on.

Sounding just like the Italia '90 hit, 'World In Motion', Real Lies are instant controllers of their own destiny, slipping in clips of 90s football on a box TV and memorabilia strung across the walls in the video for the dance hit. It's almost a surprise that John Barnes didn't crop up with an irrelevant rap half way through. 

B-side, 'Deeper', is a throwback to Pet Shop Boys as Neil Tennant's mundane vocals echo are near enough present in every nook of the track. The effervescing synth still rings strong into latest EP, 'North Circular', which comprises more toned down and troubling vocals similar to The Streets. 'Dab Housing' on the other hand is dreamy and includes smooth tropical groove without getting too carried away. The track, perfectly suited for those dark and misty club nights is as intriguing as the band members, who choose to refer to themselves by their initials, KK, TW and PK. Don't expect them to remain strangers though, as the indie-dance pioneers bring it back to 2015.

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