Track of the week... Michael McQuaid - Jane Doe [IAI PREMIÈRE]

We've got the fabulous Micheal McQuaid's brand new track today for your ears. "Jane Doe" is the new cut and it features his remarkable vocals alongside some harmonious soulful vocals, and some smooth basslines and licks of piano turning the song into something Will.I.Am would be proud of. There is an air about the Black Eyed Peas in this, but Michael has grafted a wonderful song here that needs to be heard.

Michael McQuaid about the song
“Jane Doe” is about being in a relationship with someone for a long time and realizing you no longer recognize who that person is. I wanted to connect the universal definition of Jane Doe, an unidentifiable woman, to someone I felt many people could relate to in personal relationships. I took that concept and transformed it into a more personal level: the point in a relationship where the barrier drops between two people and the other person is no longer identifiable. That person you first fell in love with and once knew so well now feels like a stranger.
Listening back to his previous tracks, it's clear to see it's an expert at creating a catchy track. Expect to hear more from the Nashville, TN resident VERY SOON!

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