Interview with... Slaves

The NME Awards creep up on you each year and you have to fumble to think of deserved winners of the glamorous 'middle finger' award. Unlike some of the winners, which you won't remember in years to come, the NME Awards Show provides some of the finest new talents around to tour the UK around the month of February.

Slaves backstage before their gig in Norwich last year (photo by Cal Beasley).
Traditionally including four acts, although tonight The Amazing Snakeheads have pulled out, the first slot is sacred and held by the likes of Coldplay, Florence and the Machine and the Kaiser Chiefs. This year it's the turn of Slaves to kick off the 2015 NME Awards Tour at The Leadmill in Sheffield, but first they must decipher which is the best flavour of Monster Munch and after settling on pickled onion, they sit down for a chat. Listen to what they had to say through stuffed mouthfuls of stinkin' crisps.

Interview by Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)