NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Stealing Sheep "Not Real"

Three Voices. Three Angels, Three chicks from Liverpool will burry your broken heart (no not mine, but yours maybe?) and re-live a new world in wich you surely would like to walk around. An unreal world maybe but nevermind. What we've got here is maybe THE VIDEO OF THE YEAR already stamped by me. But who am I? Well I'm a guy who maybe followed these girls a bit too early, as I might have been thinking that their first album which came out on heavenly recordings was a bit too Lo-Fi. And a bit too dreamy. But hey: CAN YOU GO TOO DREAMY? Nope not at all.
If metronomy had daughters in their best time, Stealing Sheep would be the answer. Just better looking. And I'm sure you can't figure out wich one of these "girls" past the "oh already" 30's of age. Tell me? You Can't? I knew it because it's impossible. Their music makes everyone younger. At least 30 years younger. At a time you would live in the 80's you still have the 70's sound and were reaching for something new. There you have it'. Glossy phenomenal epic vocalistic-artistry within a touch of love for excentric music and sound mapping.

Stealing sheep. Or more Stealing hearts right away when I was in Zurich or Hamburg watching them performing their first album. I love their music. And they kept my loving heart until their second album. I Hope this will all lead to a good end (when I heard the last track of their second LP "Not Real") and I will still letting them having my music heart. Thank you Stealing Sheep for doing all this beautiful Videos. You do this all with so much love. It's when your videos making people touch their hearts. Can't wait for the album. I Can't.

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