Track of the week... High Tyde - Talk To Frank

If you were growing up in the UK in the 00's, "Talk To Frank" would be a phrase you'd be familiar of. But this song is not about doing loads of drugs and sex, rather it's a track by the fantastic High Tyde. The new cut features some lightly distorted vocals, light guitars and a driving chorus that will certainly get you bouncing!

Having already supported the likes of Peace on their last major UK tour, there certainly is a lot of hype around a band that rings with nostalgia. It's easy to compare them with the likes of Foals, but "Talk To Frank" just instantly reminds you of the good times of the late 00's, and I can see what they're getting at. High Tyde are certainly on the rise, and "Talk To Frank" is their biggest track to date, keep an eye on them, 2015 is a big year for them!

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