Track of the week... SURGE - Tears Of Joy

I've been waiting for the full version of this track for a while, ever since I heard an instrumental snippet I knew that I'd be waiting for a while for the whole thing. Alas, today SURGE unveiled their d├ębut track "Tears of Joy", and to keep details to a minimum, I felt like the song title once I heard it in full.

George (Vocals/Guitar) has been in a couple of bands we've posted here before, but this new cut from his latest project sounds like the best yet! With influences of The Libertines, Oasis and hints of Arctic Monkeys all there, they've certainly got their genre hit on the nail. Pure Indie! With a gentle few seconds in the beginning giving way to a anthematic rush of guitars and crashing drums the track, and the guitar tones are spot on here, who said guitar music was dead!

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