Gig Review... Man Without Country @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge, 2nd March 2015

From time to time you need a bit of luck when it comes to seeing bands, now on the 2nd of March I had a day off from work and nothing to do in the evening. Then, a new band from Cambridge revealed their debut track and announced a show too, turned out it was a support slot for Man Without Country. This is a band I've enjoyed listening to since their d├ębut album came out - originally I found them via the Kitsune Compilation CD and their track "Closest Addicts Anonymous" has been my one of favourite tracks off those compilations to date!

The thing about Cambridge is that if you have a band/act that is guitar based, then The Portland Arms is where you'd end up, but this time round it was leaning more towards synthesisers, keyboards and electric drum kits. That didn't mean that they'd be a naff booking, far from it!

The Welsh trio have been on tour of the UK, and the Cambridge date was something every band looks forwards to - or so I'm told - and their performance reflected their energy. With pulsating synths, delectable guitar tones and perfect sounding drums they were on a roll, everyone in the room was loving what was going on, especially two Italian men in the front!

It was going very well until they played the song that I adore, "Closest Addicts Anonymous" came on and I secretly lost my shit! The track from 2012 still sounds just as fresh as today, and with the venues speaker set-up the track sounded mint. The thick bass at the beginning of the track really got the place shaking and when the chorus hit I was certainly enjoying it. What made this gig even better was that they played to the crowd a cover of The Beloved's "Sweet Harmony". The older lot of the crowd certainly were singing along to it, personally I thought it was spot on, if that track was a classic Man Without Country have made it into a modern anthem.

All in all Man Without Country can easily claim to be one of the hottest electronic bands on the circuit right about now! You can listen to their cover of "Sweet Harmony" below and buy their NEW album in the link below. Go and see them if they come by near you, always worth the money, support music because bands like this need to be in the limelight!

Buy / Man Without Country - Maximum Entropy