Introducing... MAUI

I went down to my first gig of the year just this week - late I know - and to see the fabulous Moats perform on their London leg of their UK tour. I like to go to gigs not knowing anything about other bands performing, usually so I can go there with an open mind, but the first band on that night was fucking amazing! Just think if Blur started up in 2015 - with some altered influences.

The band started the set with a packed out room, ranging from the sounds of Arctic Monkeys via Tame Impala's latest work and Pond. Their heavier edge came in the latter half of their set with some very anthematic songs such as "Copenhagen". The track's got echoing guitars, plentiful amounts of reverb and could honestly be a real stadium filler if they play their cards right. MAUI were a complete unknown to me that night, but now I am pleased I turned up early, they really can be one of the biggest new bands to come out from London!

For fans of // Blur, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Pond

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