Introducing... Thomston

There's something in the water in New Zealand, I swear down on it. In the past 3 or so years it's been a wash with new talent, you had The Naked & Famous first off, then Lorde taking over the airwaves, but recently you have Thomston wanting to move in on their territory.  Thomston has managed to get over 200k plays on his tracks on soundcloud (and rising), and the 19-year old from an Auckland is looking to make 2015 his break-out year. Growing up in  suburb between the city centre, a rain-forest and ocean beaches, strictly on classical music, you can tell he's got a lot of influences in his music.

Being from New Zealand he is also managed by the same people who look after Lorde - I swear there's something in the water there, maybe it's the volcanic activity! We're big fans of singer-songwriters here, but Thomston is bringing something new to the game, think if Ben Howard spent a lot more time with The XX, his tunes are a wash with uplifting and chilled out hooks, and wonderful vocals that can captivate anyone. Thomston is about to break-out, keep an eye on this fella!

For fans of // Ben Howard, Yellerkin, The XX, Pixel Fix

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