Track of the week... BOA - If You Stay

BOA - short for 'Better Off Alone' (a hint at a Alice Deejay influence there?) haven't been about for long, but already they're winning our hearts, and it's all down to the one track too! Their d├ębut track is called "If You Stay" and it's already got our attention, from the off the crackling vinyl and the gentle picking of a lovely guitar welcomes you to their first ever cut. Then the vocals come in, and wow, they're silky smooth, easily on par with London Grammar here, what gets better is that the deep bass kicks in too and gives you a chill down your spine and the track a whole lot more depth.

The further the track progresses the better it gets to be honest, it easily shows off what the band seems to be about, electronics, processed drum beats, delicate vocals and dreamy guitars. The heart-on-your-sleeve track (as you might be able to tell) has completely won us over! Expect to see them play live soon as the Bristol trio are set to explode soon, we can't wait to hear more!

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