Podracer [IAI FEATURE]

Today was a day when we thought we'd give something back to you lot, so when I put the below 'status' on the Facebook page loads of people emailed me, and one of them was... Podracer!

HELLO!Send an email with your music to fred@itsallindie.com and the first TEN will get their music on the site.Put the subject title as 'IAITEN'
Posted by It's All Indie on Thursday, 9 April 2015

Podracer, the only conclusion behind their name is that they're a big fan of Star Wars, possibly, possibly not. But their music is certainly a fast paced one, much like their fictional counterparts.  I've always been a fan of the heavier side of 'Rock', more to the side of Punk rather Metal, but Podracer have pitched themselves in the middle of the two.

Listening back to "Hammers And A Hand Gun" it reminds us of A* - a band that back when I was growing up everyone loved. It's got distorted and deep vocals, brilliantly tuned guitars, epic riffs towards the end and a chorus to get giddy about! You can also get their debut album in the link below! There's more to the Irish music scene than Kodaline, Hozier and Two Door Cinema Club you know, and we're loving it!

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