Foals' new album to be "Heavier"

Foals' new album is going to be a whole lot - "Heavier, Poppier and Weirder" - or that's at least what Yannis is telling the people at Q Magazine.

He said that - "We felt that the spread on 'Holy Fire' was good but on this we wanted to push it out even further, so the extremes were further apart. The heavier songs are heavier, the popper songs are popper and weirder."

Jimmy also said to Q that they drank a LOT of wine, saying - "We drank about 130 bottles of this red wine called Ard├Ęche, I don't think there was a point where we were all drunk."

Their new album is expected to be a late 2015 release or a very early 2016 release - but watch this space!