Young War reveals new track "Who Loves You" [IAI PREMIÈRE]

We've got Young War's great new track for you all today, "Who Loves You", and it's a little taste of what their upcoming EP is going to sound like. The track and the rest of the EP was recorded at Eve Studios in Stockport and they didn't use any equipment younger than 30 years, everything was 1975 or older, and you can hear that translate into the song. It's a melodic track with some wonderful melodies. Scroll on down to listen to it!

Speaking about the track the band say:
"The Internet is full of people talking to strangers about their personal lives. Imagine being so afraid of being alone that you'd rather lie to people you hardly know about how happy you are than to actually maintain any real life relationships. Learning to enjoy your own company is so important and so undervalued. Who loves you? I don't care. You don't have to share something to make it real."