Muse @ Rockavaria, Munich, 29th May 2015

A huge stage, a silver piano, a laser light show and thousands of people getting out of their minds, losing themselves in a wide spectrum of excellent music. Muse don't seem to do things by halves. Presenting their new LP "Drones" on stage for the first time, they spared no effort in performing an unforgettable show.
Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard got through their first proper festival appearance of the summer with grandiose, incredible and epic success.
The opener "Psycho", the first of four new "Drones" songs, warmed up the crowd before Muse played a song every fan knows by heart: "Supermassive Black Hole". At this point everyone realised that Muse are at their best and an amazing concert would follow. The crowd went wild and you could see Matt Bellamy enjoying his time on stage. Lights turned the dark sky into a blinking disco ball and a huge video screen showed everyone how much soul the band were putting into their performance. As if this wasn't enough, the absolute head-shaking songs "Dead Inside" and "Resistance" swept over the stadium like a hurricane. The strong, emotional voice of Bellamy squealing "Madness" seemed to outbid everything before that. By this point even the last few people sitting on their seats had jumped up to enjoy the spectacle which had been offered to some 40,000 fans. "Newborn" and "Mercy" knocked spots of the previous show effects. Giant balloons and confetti cannons exceeded everyone's expectations. A gathering storm couldn't stop the crowd from expressing their enthusiasm towards the British rock-icons.
The night closed with the world premiere of Muse's own interpretation of JFK and the hymns "Uprising", "Starlight" and "Knights of Cydonia".
The unexpected ending of this phenomenal concert - which can be deemed a masterpiece - leaves behind a feeling of sadness. Hoping more will get the chance to enjoy a piece of high class rock music it only remains to say that it had been a great evening with a lot of delighted fans and a rock band who managed to produce a satisfying prelude to their previous European Tour.

Gig review by Elisa Hafner