What Went Down on Twitter - The Reaction to Foal's Return

What Went Down? Apparently appraisals to God, melting faces and multiple orgasms. Foals highly anticipated new track is 25 times longer than its teaser and multiple times larger than anything the Oxford socialites have ever released.

In a couple of weeks that's seen dinosaurs run riot in Jurassic World and all kinds of predators unleashed on the flood filled streets of Tbilisi in Georgia, it's five Foals that have broken the most boundaries. 'What Went Down' is Yannis smelling blood and frothing at the mouth, accompanied by a brutal artillery behind him.

The five minute battering ram takes off from previous hard-hitters such as 'Inhaler' and stretches the possibilities further. Yannis' vocals grind and distort without ever quite being within touching distance and the most tender of lyrics, "You're the apple of my eye" is turned to trash. Beautiful, beautiful trash.

Even the chance of reverting back to their math-rock years is quickly thwarted by thick reverb. Foals have turned full horse. No, stallion.

Here's what Twitter thinks:

It seems something went down on Grace...
Apparently Greg James' face is what went down... his chin. You know what they say about having a face for radio Greg!

'Fire Holy' or 'Holy Fire'?
Watch out drivers on the M1...

Well justified.

Foals comeback coincides with a certain secret slot at Glastonbury next week. Could we see them emerge not just on record but on stage too?