Disclosure Reveal Stunning New Set at NOS Alive

Howard and Guy Lawrence are constantly on the move. Just last month they hosted their new festival ‘Wild Life’ following the announcement of their second album, ‘Caracal’. On Saturday they were at Lisbon’s NOS Alive festival to show off their new set to fans abroad.

The brothers from Surrey headlined the final night of the Portuguese festival with a set that included tracks from their debut album such as, ‘White Noise’, ‘F for You’ and ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’.

The new album, ‘Caracal’, named after the wild cat is just as stunning on stage as the name suggests and gives the duo a chance to reinvent their live show. Soul singer Kwabs was the only guest to be welcomed onstage for upcoming new track ‘Willing and Able’ whilst pre-recorded vocals from Nao were used in super sleek and sexy track ‘Super Ego’.

Another new track, ‘Hourglass’, featured vocals from rising star Lion Babe, which boasted a mix of modern dance and old school house reminiscent of Artful Dodger’s ‘Movin’ Too Fast’. The set alights though with the pair’s own vocals in ‘Jaded’ as contouring lasers bathe over the stage.

Visually, it’s a striking performance, and their latest track ‘Holding On’ is big enough to fill arenas as is the fifteen-foot, outlined caracal which struts along the screens behind them. Elsewhere, old and new floor fillers, ‘Grab Her!’ and ‘Bang That’, keep the crowd moving till the early hours of the morning. 

The pair finish the set with a swaying encore of ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ but fail to lure Sam Smith, who performed just two hours before, onto stage for their finale of ‘Latch’ but perhaps it’s for the best. Disclosure are onto their new batch of vocal talents whilst still providing their infectious blend of house and dance.