[EP REVIEW] Lisbon - Life Is Good

Whitley Bay four-piece Lisbon have their brand new EP "Life Is Good" all ready for ya, and we've managed to get our ears around it before you - to bring you this review. The band have been riding a wave of positive reviews for their live shows and their recorded tracks too, with a big following across their social media sites they're certainly on the up!

This EP just proves it, the opening song "I Don't Know" sounds like it's been lifted from the late 00's, but with added energy and urgent vocals, the latter half of the track has a driving bassline that makes you want to revisit the song over and over again. "NatÏve" is a straight up Indie-Pop classic resembling The 1975's work, not to say that it's a rip off track but this sound is definitely in at the moment, loads of artists are revisiting music from the 1980's and early 90's and here they've stumbled upon something great, this is one for the festivals!

The second half of the EP features "Khaleesi" - which took me a good few listens to really appreciate it fully. It's a cut that wouldn't sound out of place at a Imagine Dragons set, with uplifting vocals and a powerful chorus this EP sounds like it's got everything Indie music fans are after in 2015! The band do sound like they're onto a winner here, and 2016's going to be a big year for them. But before we end the review there's one more song to go. "Good 2 Me", it's a track that the band have experimented a bit with by the sounds of it, with distorted vocals in the into and a Daft Punk-esque vibe to the verses. If you could imagine the perfect 4 tracks to soundtrack an escape to an island to, it'll be these four!

Lisbon are living up to their name here, their music is certainly summery and laden with great hooks. The EP is very strong and even comes with a remix pegged onto the end of it by J Tropic. These guys are a really hard working band and have easily converted me into a fan!

Lisbon - Life Is Good EP
Out of 10: 9/10