[IAI PREMIERE] I.D.O.L - Howling Moon

I.D.O.L may not be a name you recognise, but Declan Cullen is a musician who has taken his latest project to great lengths under this name and now he's ready to reveal some of his music for the It's All Indie readers.

Formerly the front man for Coastal Cities, Cullen's latest venture allows him to explore the eras of the past and play around with the evolving sounds to create a futuristic spin on it. With a sense of being homegrown and a heavily nostalgic feel, I.D.O.L is an umbrella for respectful pop music and the boundaries that it can push.

Howling Moon, the first demo to be revealed over the Summer of this year, takes influence from many movements across the musical spectre and merges to form a bond of modern 80s vibes, complimented by 70s riffs and loops. Clearly well informed by the past and present, Cullen cleverly picks the best formulas to play around with before producing something original and paying homage to his influences. 

This is just a demo and Howling Moon is the first one to be released but we've listened to another track and it might just raise the bar even more. We're excited just thinking about what I.D.O.L is going to release in the future if this how he kickstarts the new venture.

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