[INTRODUCING] Minority Association

Lewis Lindgren (producer of Button Eyes) begins new solo project with the release of Minority Association’s video for debut single ‘Tiles’,  from their forthcoming album We Are Not Them

Drenched in synths and trip-hop drumbeats, Minority Association are making an impact in the best way possible. The soothing sounds alongside the whispering voices in the background make it easy to fall into a trance and focus on nothing but the adventure of the man in the video. Running through scenes of the main character at various locations at the beach, it’s easy to imagine listening to Minority Association’s soulful beats by a swimming pool in the summer sun. If this track is anything to go by, their album We Are Not Them will be a beautiful piece of trip-hop to get your teeth into this summer. Ending on the sample “somewhere there’s a human being who’s behind all of this”, Minority Association are left lingering in your mind.

We Are Not Them is available as a free download via he band's BANDCAMP