[LISTEN] Lawrence Taylor - Bang Bang

Lawrence Taylor is not a well-known name; not yet at least. He only started releasing music three months ago, and one month ago released this absolute gem. Bang Bang, fortunately not a cover of the Ariana Grande/Jessie J song of the same name, snowballs to a fantastic crescendo. It starts off slow, and it sounds like any other man-with-acoustic-guitar, but this is so much more.

Taylor's raw, honest vocals are a highlight, ratcheting the tempo up and making this song so enjoyable. The titular hook is perfect, too, as it's unbelievably catchy and sounds so genuine. There's an unbelievable maturity about the young singer/songwriter's music, that endears himself to such a variety of people.

Bang Bang is a masterpiece of solo music - and I hope Taylor can go on to create more music like this. If he does, it's a matter of time before his popularity goes through the roof.

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