[LISTEN] MS MR - Criminals

MS MR has done it again. Their latest single, “Criminals” is the ride or die love anthem you didn’t know you needed. Lizzy’s hypnotic voice evokes interest from the start, but its once she rapid-fires the equally hypnotic lyrics “You’re a crook, I’m a thief / You’re the heart, I’m the beat / We’re a mess but we try real life / We can hardly breathe, I can’t leave,” that you are completely entranced by the song.

With this single, the duo reinforce they are absolute pros at linking pop vibes with dark romance, inducing something heartfelt through a dance beat. It merges the honeyed pop aura that is to be expected from their new album, How Does It Feel, with the opaque magic from the band’s debut LP, Secondhand Rapture. With “Criminals”, MS MR is setting the tone for what is expected to be some killer live shows. Check out How Does It Feel, out next week, to get familiar with the duo’s magnetic vibes just in time for their festival appearances and fall tour.

Written by - Morgan Verble 

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