[LISTEN] - Pale Waves - Heavenly

Ever since I heard The Tide, I was ready for Pale Waves' next release. The Tide was a stunningly tropical summer tune; it has been on repeat on the few sunny days we've had here in England. Heavenly is Pale Waves' second song, and I'm happy to say it lives up to it's title, and the previous song.

Heavenly is full of the 80's disco riffs that populated The Tide and made it so infectious, and remains as fresh and bright. The vocals are superb, full of emotion and power and yet so soft and easy to listen to. It shifts from ethereal, ambient to bouncy indie-pop, capturing the best of both worlds. You can almost feel the sun, sea and sand emanating from the song.

This song is like glitter in audio form. If you like indie-pop or synth-pop, I'm certain you'll love this. It's packed full of great hooks, dreamy riffs and vibrating vocals. Pale Waves are a band to watch, and if they carry on like this, then 2016 could be a massive year for the foursome.

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