[SINGLE REVIEW] Air Bag One - ¥ Killing Stars ¥

¥ Killing Stars ¥ is Air Bag One's latest single, and it's just in time for the summer. Fresh and tropical, with haunting backing vocals that give it depth, it's a musical version of a summer afternoon. The layered vocals are the star of the show, and mixed in with the disco feel of the synths, the deep bass and the delightful guitar melodies make for a stunning listen, that sits somewhere between ambient and pop music.

The chorus is gloriously infectious and is such a great hook that will stay in your head for hours after listening. It’s so enjoyable to listen to; a surprise, given the name of the song, and indeed the main line of the chorus. If you hadn’t heard of Air Bag One beforehand, make sure you have now, as this is a magical, ethereal yet chirpy tune that is perfect for summer nights.

Written by - Elliott Griffiths