[SINGLE REVIEW] Good Morning - On The Streets/You

Melbourne's Good Morning hit us back with this new incredibly dreamy two track - On The Streets/You which is a double A side from an upcoming cassette. After a few months of silence, the duo, consisted of Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair, have returned with some sick tunes. But what has changed?  On The Streets is their usual happy song, with a pinch of despair, whereas You seems to show a darker side of Good Morning, it definitely has a melancholic melody to it.

Parsons and Blair share with us their sadness through their hopless lyrics, but with some happy and dreamy melodies. Going from an up-beat catchy tune to a melancholic one, the duo leaves us feeling confused about life - a real emotional roller coaster. Previously compared to artists such as Ty Segall, Kurt Vile or even Deerhunter, Good Morning definitely have something good going on. Needless to say, we are very excited for this cassette, and maybe even an album?

Written by - Dearbhla Ohanlon