[SINGLE REVIEW] Maefire - Sole Desire

In a world of Instagram and fifteen year old EDM producers, it's easy to forget that raw, guitar driven talent still exists. Cue Australian newcomers MAEFIRE, whose riffs and unformed energy will surely leave you itching to down a whiskey and smash a guitar or two. Their latest track "Sole Desire" is a wake up from the get go, punching you right in the face with no time to waste on melodramatic intros.

Rich, organic vocals and brawling guitars - think Arctic Monkeys meets Jet, as the rock n rollers' echoing chorus will be swimming around your head for days. Leaving little to the imagination, their knock out second single paints the perfect zero-fucks-given picture; making you want to grab your leather jacket, light a cigarette and turn your speakers all the way up!

Written by - Lisa Robinson

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