[SINGLE REVIEW] Ought – Beautiful Blue Sky

Ought have announced their second full-length album "Sun Coming Down", it will be out 18th of September via Constellation Records. The follow-up to their début album "More Than Any Other Day" is anticipated by the single "Beautiful Blue Sky". The song is simply another demonstration of the genius that animates the Montreal-based band. The sound is coherent with the mood of their first album, a post-punk atmosphere with a mix of Television and Velvet Underground.

The track opens with a bass dark riff and a methodical drum and it develops with the classic scheme of Ought songs: guitars and dynamic that increase and decrease following the meaning of the lyrics. The vocals of Tim Beller have reached a higher level of dramatic expressiveness and you can notice it especially in the crescendo of its melody when he sings “Well, how's the family?” and “How's your health been?” with a lot of repetitions. "Beautiful Blue Sky" ends with the same mood of its opening, a charming song that arouses curiosity for the album.

Written by - Fernando Rennis

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