For a moment, imagine that you travelled back in time to the 90s and due to some kind of weird butterfly effect Blur were from Manchester, so instead of faux cockney laddishness their music was imbued with Happy Mondays influenced Manc geezerishness. That’s what ‘Not GNA’ by Flesh sounds like. Unashamedly retro – music, visuals, band image, the whole shebang- Flesh exist purely in the ‘fun’ corner of the music spectrum. Not taking themselves too seriously would be an understatement, yet this isn’t to say that the quality of the music is not serious. Hooks aplenty accompany infectious rhythms, and even if it is just two-notes the guitar solo slots in perfectly in a track that has been arranged simply yet superbly fit for Flesh’s carefree purpose. 

According to their press release, "Flesh are pioneers of ‘SnotPop’, a smutty new hash of Britpop with splashes of their Madchester beat surroundings, Grunge and cast-iron Heavy-Metal guitars with solid 
pop foundations." - if that sounds like your kind of thing, check it out below.

Flesh supporting Rat Boy
Friday 18th September - Liverpool, Studio 2
Monday 21st September - Manchester Ruby Lounge
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