Liam Gallagher premiers new song in Irish Pub

Liam Gallagher surprised regular pub-goers in Charlestown, Co Mayo, Ireland the other day with a spontaneous acoustic set. Within the set, the former Oasis band-member premiered a brand new track with a yet unknown title. Embedded in the song are the lyrics,

'Yes I know, I've been wrong, Didn't do what I was told, 
Yes I know I've been wrong, Didn't do what I was told,
I ain't looking for no 9-5, Sick of wasting all my precious time, 
Cos it's alright, Cos it's alright now'

The track also features a brief reference to brother Noel Gallagher's most recent LP 'Chasing Yesterday'  as one can hear at the start of the melody 'When I wake up and I hear you say, There's no love worth chasing yesterday.'

We don't know whether this track is acting as one of the foundations of future solo material from Liam Gallagher or whether this is just an impromptu performance from the Co Mayo loving musician. However, let's hope it leads on to more exciting releases!

Check out the video of Liam's performance here: