[LISTEN] Flyte - Please Eloise

Ah, Flyte. A band incapable of making a song which isn't ridiculously catchy, incredibly fun and an instant favourite. They burst onto the music scene with the brilliant 'Over and Out', a song with more hooks than it would take to catch Moby Dick. Last week, they released 'Please Eloise' on their Soundcloud page, and though it's a bit late to be the summer hit it would have been, it's still damn good.

As the artwork suggests, tropical riffs aplenty punctuate the soft harmonies that the quartet have become known for - and rightly so. The harmonies are stunning, and lead singer Will Taylor's plea to 'Eloise' in the chorus is superb, full of emotion and honesty. Flyte strike me as an incredibly intelligent group of people, and once again the lyrics are clever and add another layer to a great tune.

Flyte are yet to release a song that isn't absurdly infectious and a piece of genius. 'Please Eloise' is no different, a glorious piece of indie-pop that, whilst simple on the surface, has so much more to offer. 

Flyte turn the simple into brilliance, the mundane into the exciting, and the normal into instant classics.

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